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About Us

Welcome to our website of the NewChoice Cattery,located in        Newmarket,Ontario,Canada.


  Our Cattery professionally breeds Maine Coon cats. All of our cats and kittens    are registered in TICA (The International Cat Association) 


  The Maine Coon breed is amazing and special. When you come home, they always greet you and give you attention and        love. They easily learn some tricks, especially in a playful way.
Maine Coons are very gentle cats, despite the fact that they can look harsh. They are very good with children, cats, dogs.
Maine Coons captivated us with their beauty, grace, and tenderness. They are magnificent !

All of our cats and kittens that we raise are a part of our family.When the kittens are born, they live with their mother in our bedroom.They can only move to a new home once 3 months old.All appropriate vaccinations and the examination by vet are taken.The kittens also de wormed, have 2 vaccination,spayed/neuter
We are proud of our little Coono- baby's  and will happily help you choose the right kitten for you.


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